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How To Monetize Card Games And Earn Big

In today’s busy life, we all need some form of entrainment and socializing. One of the best things we do is meeting our friends or family and playing some fun games with each other. Playing card games which started longtime back is still one of our favorite time pass, although with the world becoming a corporate jungle, things have changed. Now we play card games but on mobile phones and the game is taken much more seriously with monetary benefits.

Do you know when was the first time card game was played?

The first card game was played during 9 century AD and believed to be originated in China. From China it spread to Persia then slowly to Europe and then it became a game which is loved globally.

Now it’s a big business with billions of dollars pouring in the gaming industry. Thanks to the advent of technology and advancement in multi-player card game development, there are now thousands of card game development companies across the globe.

There are more than 12 million daily users of top online casino card games.

Some popular online card games include Poker, Rummy, Blackjack, Teen Patti, Solitaire and various others.

Poker, Blackjack being the most favorite online card games have led to the rise in Casino game developmentand Multiplayer game development companies.

Zynga Poker, the most popular online poker game earned a staggering revenue of $191 in Q4 2016. This shows that developing and strategically marketing online card/casino game can really make you rich.

Top gaming analyst and experts predicts that with current market of $3.5 billion, it is expected to reach $4.6 billion by 2017 end.

The point is this: online social casino gaming is a big deal.

How Card Game Development companies or publishers are making money:


  1. In-App Purchase – The Card game development companies are taking the full advantage of In-App Purchase. Popular online social games like Poker or Rummy are offered free to download but because these games are so addictive, people purchase chips, gifts and in-game features via In-App purchase.
  2. Video Ads: Online social games like Poker, Rummy etc. require virtual currency or chips to play. Initially an amount of chips is offered free to the players but the chips usually get finished while playing, this happens much more in multi-player gaming. Then they need to purchase the chips but some people do not want to spend money via in-app purchase and still want to play the game. Here the concept of Video ads comes into play where the players watches video advertisements to earn certain amount of chips. This way the card game publishers earn real money by providing ads and players earn virtual money via watching the ads.
  3. Game ads: Lot of card games with or without multiplayer gaming options are offered free of cost on various platforms. The players are offered free chips as well on daily basis but these games have static clickable ads either as wall ads or on game area. Advertisers make full use of it by hitting the target audience and marketing their products. Card game publishers get money from them and players also play the game with interest. This is a win-win situation for all.
  4. Sponsors: A Lot of times games gets sponsors as well which helps the card game developing companies earn money. Sponsorship can vary from naming a game with the sponsors name or making sponsor elements a part of a game or other ways too. This way the game development company also earns and the sponsor company also gets marketed.