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Turning your Bitcoins into Real Wins at Win A Da

winday casino

Winaday has recently joined the ranks of the online Bitcoin casinos, and having been a leading provider of online slots and casino games since 2007 they are certainly a welcome addition to the fold. They have in the past nine years paid out millions to their loyal members, and now those winnings can be distributed in bitcoins.

One of their big selling points is exclusivity – none of their games can be found at any other online casinos. The creativity invested in their array of unique games allows for some awesome bonus extras and fresh ways for new players to grow their funds

One player, Chris N, recently made over $15,000 in wins in a little less than an hour – over half of which were made possible with the appearance of repeated wild cards, free spin rounds, and hitting a game jackpot. His game of choice was Castle Siege, a medieval, fantasy themed slot which would especially appeal to Game of Thrones fans, history buffs, and the like. He started out betting at $15
per spin, although after a few of his wins he did push this a little higher to $22.50. The local jackpot from real slots in question was hit during the special Castle Siege Bonus Game, where players try to store the castle with the ammo they have accumulated.

Chris most frequently plays games of a similar ilk, each with their own themed bonus features – his other favorites include Gladiator Games, where the player can take to the arena in two different mini-games, and Fair Tycoon, where players build their own fairground for cash rewards. Although he is quite the experienced player, Lioba is one of Winaday’s newest players and her recent
experience is proof that anyone can bank on wins from the get-go if they spin their reels right.

By her second day of playing, and after only 125 spins in total, she had turned a $355 deposit into a $3,762 withdrawal! Her beginner’s luck can be attributed to hitting the free spins bonuses in both Gypsy Charm and Vegas Vibes, each bringing in high wins that gave her the capacity to raise her bets to $84 per spin. She kept up her high bets and the high wins that followed were plentiful

Bitcoin players also get a little special treatment at Winaday, as any withdrawals resulting from Bitcoin withdrawals processed the very next working day. So you can join the winning ranks faster than ever!